понедельник, 3 сентября 2012 г.

Hits - Nokia N900 rhythm game.

Hits - a rhythm game that I have coded for Maemo Coding Competition 2012, with osu! like gameplay.

The game is very easy and simple to play - you have to touch circles according the music.

You have to push hitcircle, when the outer circle is same size as the inner circle for maximum score. If you push later or faster you will get less score.

Beatmaps are compatible with osu! PC game beatmaps. You can get more beatmaps at osu! website or at beatmaps mirror websites.
To install beatmaps you have to unzip .osz file content to /MyDocs/Hits_maps/any_folder_name[1]/

*[1] - You can use folders to organize beatmap files.

Download Last [mirror]- 0.9.5

Old versions:
Download  [mirror] - 0.9.4

Change Log:
* Minor bugfixes.
* Pause on focus change.

* Initial release.

Leave comments or contact with me via e-mail: bober12[at]inbox[dot]lv